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SuperMind Masters Course



SuperMind Masters course (SMM) is the newest and most outstanding course, if you want to achieve powerful change in your personal, professional or social life.

SuperMind evokes evolution on multiple levels. By improving the communication between conscious mind and energy mind (before subconscious mind) SMM restores essential connections within the body- mind- spirit triad and leads to a superior potential. SMM offers a wide range of new and powerful methods and techniques to unlock previously unknown levels of creativity, intelligence, potential and enlightening experiences, that are not achieved in a different way.

Fall in Love with your powerful mind!




Power- in relation to the SuperMind Masters Course, is linked to regaining your own beautiful real power as a whole system. Regaining your own power leads to personal development, healing, communication and business success, beyond what most people think would be possible to achieve.

Be the creator of your own power and life.



SuperMind teaches you how to create endless streams of creativity and how to create unique, personalised and superior solutions to your own challenges, goals and questions. With the SuperMind Masters course you learn how to engage your own energy mind to access your highest creativity. You can learn how to improve significantly a creativity flow beyond superior.

Create your own solutions by controlling highest creativity.



The matrix related modern energy work we apply in SMM allows us to use our supermind to heal aspects that are out of reach in any other way and converts SMM as a powerful healing tool that empowers the human energy system. The energy system is a superior operating system that evolves life giving energy flow, on all levels. Therefore evolving the flow of energy information in the most individual way, and providing the specific energy that is needed, is healing on the most profound level.



The SuperMind Masters course provides the perfect tools and devices for:

-Healing on such a different level

-Reality creation

-Pure Energy magic

You will learn how to connect with your infinite resources, which leads to an entirely new way of problem solving.

Supermind Masters course teaches a communication with your heart, your mind and your soul, leading to intelligence, creativity, inner strength, connection, peace,

serenity and freedom.

There is nothing you cannot solve.


Why you should do the SuperMind Masters course?

The super mind Masters course teaches you how to connect with the infinite potential of your mind, and how you can use it for:

- evolving Healing on an unknown level

- connecting with your whole potential

- increasing intelligence

- developing a superior creativity

We can say it shows what you can do with your mind and how you can do it. Be sure that your experiences and self-development will be superior and definitely surprising.

Every human should know, how their human mind is really working.



For whom is the SuperMind Masters course?

The Supermind Masters course is for everybody who wants to learn how their mind really works and what they can do with it. People who seek a superior Creativity for professional use, or people who want to get in touch with their real infinite potential.

The Supermind Masters course will be on one hand the biggest adventure of personal development, on the other hand it will bring healing on the next level.



What is required to sign up for SuperMind Masters Course?

The SuperMind Masters Course is based on advanced Modern Energy Work. It is required to have completed one of the following courses:

-Energy EFT Foundation

-Energy EFT Master practitioner

-EMO Master Practitioner

- Master of Project Sanctuary


Required reading: Infinite Creativity, Silvia Hartmann 2016



What benefits will you have from learning the SuperMind Masters Course?


-  Healing on a level beyond the known therapies

-  Create realities at will

-  Restoring communication between heart, mind and soul

-  You will learn the most powerful problem solving skills in the energy matrix

-  You will empower your Energy System in the most specific way, by restoring the most essential connections.

-  Creating enlightening Experiences that are not able to experience in any other way

-  You will learn how to connect with your infinite creativity.

-¬†¬†You will learn how to communicate with your energy mind, by learning a completely ‚Äúnew language‚ÄĚ



How I can learn SuperMind Master?


The SuperMind Masters course is available in two modalities:

1.)    Live Training

2.)    Distance Learning course


If you decide to join a live training, you will be guided through a wonderful three days course that will teach you with the extraordinary Supermind exercises a powerful, new range of methods to improve the essential flow of energy/information, creativity and potential.




Distance Learning


Distance Learning or Live Seminar…What’s the right way to attend the Supermind Masters course?

The right way, is the way you learn best. The Supermind Masters Course is the most special course indeed and I believe it is extremely important that you get out of it what's best for you. I would love to help you to figure out which way of learning is the best for you to achieve your goals. Just ask for a free skype session to get more information:



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Distance Learning

The Supermind masters distance learning course is a fantastic way to learn Silvia Hartman’s Supermind and to introduce the most beautiful and amazing.

The Distance Learning course has the advantage that you can study in your own speed and gives the time to integrate Supermind in your schedule in the most comfortable manner for you. At your will you can deepen all exercises and taking the time you need to reach a truly profound level.


The Distance Learning course includes one skype session per unit. Further contact by email or/and WhatsApp are lighten up the communication between you and the tutor and making it great fun

The Supermind Distance Learning course is a great and profound way to learn Supermind and to introduce a very safe and beautiful personal process, following an ideal tutor support.

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Upcoming Events


 Check out where you can learn Super Mind Master!


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How to Sign up to the Supermind Masters course


Some events still offer an early bird rate....


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The Creativity Challenge


       Challenge your creativity...  Laughing 


Supermind teaches you how to create endless streams of creativity and how to create unique, personalised and superior solutions to your own challenges, goals and questions...

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Live Training


The Supermind Master Live Seminar is the most extraordinary Event in this field.

The 3 day Seminar leads you to the perfect set up to unlock the secrets of how to read, write, live and use your (energy) intelligence in a whole new way and to experience your potential, power, creativity and healing power in an extraordinary and surprising manner.

The 3 day Live Seminar lets you evolve softly the communication between the conscious mind and energy mind at your will, to become the Supermind. With Supermind your dreams are at your fingertips!

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