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Distance Learning or Live Seminar…What’s the right way to attend the Supermind Masters course?

The right way, is the way you learn best. The Supermind Masters Course is the most special course indeed and I believe it is extremely important that you get out of it what's best for you. I would love to help you to figure out which way of learning is the best for you to achieve your goals. Just ask for a free skype session to get more information:



The Supermind masters distance learning course is a fantastic way to learn Silvia Hartman’s Supermind and to introduce the most beautiful and amazing.

The Distance Learning course has the advantage that you can study in your own speed and gives the time to integrate Supermind in your schedule in the most comfortable manner for you. At your will you can deepen all exercises and taking the time you need to reach a truly profound level.


The Distance Learning course includes one skype session per unit. Further contact by email or/and WhatsApp are lighten up the communication between you and the tutor and making it great fun

The Supermind Distance Learning course is a great and profound way to learn Supermind and to introduce a very safe and beautiful personal process, following an ideal tutor support.


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Posted Mai 2, 2017